crdphotocelebration_3The 24-Hour Global Marathon took us into unprecedented territory. Like many of you I could not tear myself away from listening to the web-stream of student radio stations as it went across the globe from country to country. It was genuinely difficult to force myself to get some sleep before October 2nd came as we started the marathon on Monday evening. Words cannot express the sheer glee and excitement that the marathon evoked. I was PROUD of the stations that I heard around the world. I felt a sense of unity that I have never felt before. It was a spine-tingling experience! We must all thank the Italians for organizing the global marathon and for pulling it off so successfully. Bravo Italia and Unicaradio!


Where do we go from here? I can tell you this. Student radio organizations from many different countries around the world are talking to each other in a way that has never happened before. We made history yesterday, and we want to do it again. We know that next year will be even bigger and better, and that’s just the start. Yesterday we also released the inaugural College Radio Day Album. I think we should do an International Album next year. Let’s invite and celebrate music from the whole world!


Yesterday I heard student radio across America and the rest of the world that reflected our passion and love for a medium that creates unique programming and plays new music like nothing else. We spoke in many different languages, but what we all said was similar: that student radio is vitally important, that it should be recognized and celebrated and, most importantly, student radio is truly the voice of the students across world.

More than ever,

Long live college radio!


Rob Quicke

Founder, College Radio Day