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EYE RADIO: Europe at the microphones of Europhonica

The European event for young people is coming back to Strasbourg and the guys from Europhonica will be there to tell about it trough EYE radio!

How? The aim of EYE 2021 is to put young people at the centre, to give them space and tools for dialogue. Europhonica, then, turns on the microphones and is preparing to give voice to the participants through a temporary radio created for the occasion, which will broadcast live from the Antonio Megalizzi and Bartosz Orent-Niedzielski radio studios, reaching several member states.

The multilingual broadcast will collect witnesses of the participants, who will reflect with some of RadUni’s top radio operators on the challenges of tomorrow’s Europe. Young voices will take turns at the microphones to share their experiences, hopes, ambitions and plans for the EU and its future. It will be a unique opportunity to approach the world of radio and do it as a protagonist. Don’t worry, though, because the Europhonica team will guide guests through the chat in the EP studios, making them feel at home.

What does it mean to be European today? We are working on a green transition and a digital turnaround, but is the standard of inclusiveness and accessibility the same across the Union? Technology has made it possible to create a network of connections on a global level, social networks have provided us with tools to communicate and share, making us users of content and information. But how dangerously can fake news spread thanks to the virility of those platforms?

Sport: Social glue or divisive tool? Europe’s role in the world: strategic autonomy and cooperation? The EU has made progress on gender equality in recent decades, yet not even the younger generation seems to be immune to gender stereotypes and inequalities. How can this trend be reversed? Work also plays an important role in shaping the future of the younger generation of Europeans: what is the EU doing?

These are just some of the topics that will animate the debate among the speakers live from the European Parliament. Different stories that intertwine and enrich a common European identity. To build together the Europe we believe in, the future we want.

Original text and translation by: Marta Gigli

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