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Europhonica IT


RadUni’s International Format

The first editorial staff, composed by students and professionals of college radios from all Europe, left for Strasbourg to achieve “EUROPHONICA” in 2015. The shared radio show’s aim is to give voice to independent student and university media. 

Each country manages – in its own language – a one hour broadcast time slot from the “Vox Box” in the European Parliament of Strasbourg, hosting MEPs and other leading figures. 

Almost a hundred university, student, community radios potentially involved in the project Europhonica. Among them more than 30 are located in Italy, about 30 in France, 30 also in Spain, 2 in Portugal and now also Germany has joined the team: all these european student radios together representing a potentially impressive youth audience. 

Since 2015 students and university radios shares their idea of Europe with an international editorial team consisting of young people from France (Radio Campus France), Italy (RadUni), Spain (ARU), Portugal (RUA FM and RUM) and Germany. It is now a radio network of supranational dimensions coordinated by Campus Radio France (FR), the project leader, committed to organize the project, ensure mobility and the hosting of students, supporting the costs and the procedures for press accreditation to the European Parliament.

All the informations and contents (both audio and video) produced by the European editorial staff will be available on a multilingual site – – the reference point of this international network, with the latest news, articles and all multimedia content created within this project at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The European radio show’s main objectives are to facilitate the dissemination of the European institutions among young people and deepen the most important European topics (citizenship, immigration, agricultural policies, youth policy, citizens’ rights etc).

Europhonica represents therefore an unique opportunity for students and professionals of college radio to practice citizen journalism and learning from the best practices of participating countries. Moreover, the project is crucial as a means of development and promotion of community media in Europe and as an opportunity for self-organized network of European university and student radios in order to raise awareness and promote European citizenship.

On this page you can find all the contents produced from the Italian editorial staff, exclusively in italian, and all the contacs and social network pages. 

Each friday a new weekly update is published on the official Europhonica’s channel. Tune in every week to stay updated!

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In the season 2020/2021 Europhonica’s Italian editorial staff is composed of:

Nadiya Antentyk, Gloria Beltrami, Erika Branca, Jacopo Bulgarini, Giorgia Colucci, Francesco Saverio Della Monica, Alessandro Dilda, Daniela Floris, Marta Gigli, Renata Giordano, Alessandro Iemma, Nicoletta Labarile, Tancredi Marini, Simone Matteis, Elena Noventa, Lorenzo Onisto, Martina Ottaviano, Simone Pavesi, Alice Plata, Alessandra Sasso, Giusi Sipala, Joonas Sotgia, Vittoria Torsello, Martina Graziera, Davide Brol, Alessandra Carraro, Paolo Cantore.

Europhonica IT Board:

Simone Pavesi – Project Manager

Marta Gigli – International PR and logistics
Renata Giordano – Editorial Board
Simone Matteis – Head of Communications

Other non-management roles of responsibility:

Erika Branca – International PR and logistics Support
Martina Ottaviano – Head of the Editing Team

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