RadUni was born on the 26th of march 2006 in Florence. A group of people that built relationships and shared experiences, decided to promote the American and Anglosaxon college radio model in Italy. The mission of the Association became to bring to Italy the college radio experience. 

There were only a few university radios in Italy at the moment of the foundation of the association. 

The first university radios were born in Siena and Teramo, and were named Facoltà di Frequenza and RadioFrequenza. They were structured and complete and broadcasted on web and on fm. Facoltà di Frequenza was the first italian university web radio, it was online from 2000 and on simulcasting from 2001.

In 2004 other radios joined the italian university radio scene: FuoriAulaNetwork (Verona), RadioBue (Padua), PaviaLiveU (Pavia). Here students dreamed of opening their own university radio. 

Then, in 2006 18 persons – students and young professionals, met in Florence giving birth to the first national gathering (raduno in italian) of the university radios. From this the name: RadUni.

Nowadays RadUni counts more than 200 members and 30 radios spread throughout the country that it helped grow. 

RadUni is in touch, on behalf of its members and radios, with many actors of the communication field, among all SIAE and SCF. 

RadUni produces radio shows on information, movies, music and sport. Since 2007 we host an annual travelling event that offers education, reflection and development of the italian university radio communication: FRU (Festival of University Radios).

In these 15 years many boards, presidents and projects took turns. RadUni counts members from the entire country and many others live abroad for many reasons, but never give up in participating in the activities, many of them in digital form. 

Meetings between the station managers and the board of the association are held monthly to coordinate the shared activities. 

RadUni organizes every year a degree award, a best show award and a challenge between all the best italian voices! 

RadUni is a reality filled with adventures!