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EYE 2021: RadUni’s team goes to Strasbourg!

The Italian association of university media and operators goes back to Strasbourg to take part in EYE, the European Youth Event 2021, where all the young Europeans discuss about current topics. 

This year many activies will take place online, to give everyone who’s interested in the event to join despite the distance.

RadUni’s team, after joining the 2016 and 2018 editions, goes back to the European Parliament to witness debates, partecipating in workshops and discuss about the future of the European Union. It is a unique opportunity for RadUni and that’s why we’re introducing you the staff that will tell us, through radio and social networks, EYE 2021.

Alice Plata. Head of mission from Novara, I have been working at Europhonica since 2015 and the EP in Strasbourg is my second home.

Alessandra Sasso. Born and raised in Naples. Civil human rights struggles, travels and Europe personally inspired me. Like all great loves, the one for radio was born by chance and enormous curiosity. I’m convinced that giving dignity and value to education and work is the only opportunity to change the world. 


Simone Matteis. After two degrees, the dream of becoming a journalist is closer than ever. In Europhonica I found the perfect combination between Europe, young people and news. I love travelling because whenever I’m back I look at my small village through new eyes. I like basketball too, but I’m not good at it: maybe that’s why I’m a referee!

Marta Gigli. Strasbourg. It was there that I realized I wanted to talk about Europe. Thus, sitting in front of a microphone for the first time, I entered the radio world of Europhonica, that gave my voice space and technique. To build, together with other young voices, the Europe we believe in.


Simone Pavesi. Very soon I will be 23, I am from Gallarate and I graduated in the University of Milan. The first time I made radio I was on Radio Statale. I love to analyze TV, take an interest in politics and discuss about Europe with a critical sense. I believe in a Union that proves to be coherent. For Europhonica, I was in charge of editorial management and social media. This will be my first EYE!

Francesca Franzè. My home is in Calabria, I love the sea and radio, which is the collateral effect of my love for music. I’ll be in Strasbourg for the first time for EYE 2021 and I can’t wait! 


Diana Russo. I started doing radio by chance, but I suddenly felt that there was a deeper connection between us. Currently I am responsible of foreign affairs at RadUni, I’m studying publishing and journalism and I love books and music, but who knows what I’ll be when I grow up.

Daniela Floris. With Europhonica since Season 6, I live between Sardinia, China & Brussels. Coffee addict, I could never live w/o steamed dumplings & geopolitics. Wanna grab a cappuccino and talk about EU foreign policy? 


Veronica Grasso. I’m in the web Radio world since 2018, although in my working life I do something else. My high school dream was PE and things haven’t changed today. I’m sure that Europe also depends on our daily decisions and I envision in its building process three key points: integration, endless challenges and youth guarantees.

Virgina Revolti. I am Virginia, I live in Trento and I’m studying “Publishing and journalism” in Verona. I got hooked on cinema thanks to CineUni.RadUni, a radio that gives me the opportunity to experience different ways of doing journalism.


Alessandra Carraro. Born in Padua, adopted by Milan and Rome, intrinsically european. My great passions are the European Union and Candy Crush, but unfortunately you do not build a career on the latter. 

Nicoletta Labarile. Apulian origins, Roman heart and European soul. Journalism and politics. Digital and management together: I can not settle and I am a journalist and content manager for work and passion. Feminist, gin and tonic addict, I talk about gender equality at the microphones of Radio Sapienza: I like to find good stories and tell them. The next one could be yours.

Nadiya Antentyk. A newly European citizen, but pro-European from birth. In life I’m a law student, in my spare time I like learning foreign languages and walking in the mountains.

Davide Farinetti. I am outgoing, I like to talk and that’s why I do radio. The thing I love most in the world is watching sports on TV. It’s the thing that makes me feel better. What does sport have to do with the European Union? Both make the subject feel part of a whole. But at the same time they respect the freedom to express themselves as an individual within the community.

Matilde Ceccarelli. I’ve been taking part to Radio Ca’ Foscari for two years. The radio is located in Venice: my second home. My first home is Romagna and inside my heart you can only find piadina (and Monica Vitti). The radio allows me to be hyper-talkative without being judged and it also allows me to take part in unique experiences that I wouldn’t have done otherwise (such as this one in Strasbourg).

Giusi Sipala. Norman look, Arabic habits. Sicily is my island and multiculturalism is my education. Mediterranean sea taught me what welcome means; Europe taught me what future is. I sleep very little but I eat very well, I love drinking Bitter and I play rugby.

Martina Garziera. I was born in a small village in the countryside of Vicenza and I was raised with politics, polenta and baccalà (a traditional local dish). Studying International relations is my life, travelling and cooking are my passions, the European Union is my home.

Irene Centola. I’m from Gaeta and I’m 21, but people say I look older. Maybe that’s because I study Classics, so I usually tend to analyse the world around me through the lens of the ancients. I believe that a kind of Europe that preserves universal values and that cherishes art and culture can be achieved. Serial hoarder of several hobbies, I can be both very extroverted and introverted at the same time: blame it on my rising sign!

Martina Esposito. Member of F2 Radio Lab since 2015, she meets RadUni in 2016 and in 2018 she runs for President of the Association, winning against all others. She’ll be in charge between 2018-2020. EYE 2021 will be her second edition of the European Youth Event, but hopefully not the last!

Fourat Bahari. I’m Fourat, a Tunisian boy, in Italy to study. I love technology and modernity. I hope to meet many new European people and make new friends. 

Alessandro Dilda. I’m Alessandro, Ale for the friends. I’m graduated in languages, to know different cultures and different languages. I’m happy to take part in EYE because it’s a great opportunity to meet in person after a long itme. I’m a citizen of the world. 

Gloria Beltrami. Born in ’95 in Reggio Emilia, I love organizing travels for my closest friends during my free time. My love for Europe goes back a long way – that kind of love makes you understand you’re exactly in your here and now.

Martina Ottaviano. Graduated in Natural Sciences and Ecology and with a job in wildlife conservation, I started doing radio programs by chance, and fell in love with it! I have been part of the F2RadioLab team since 2015 and of RadUni since 2016. Returning to the European Parliament in Strasbourg is a great emotion, I can’t wait to experience the EYE!

Giovanna Delvino. I’m a speaker and a dreamer, with a passion for cinema, radio and TV. I love to create original contents and try to grow in the art of storytelling: I believe that in every beautiful story there is something to learn. The history of Europe is a great, huge, wonderful story, yet to be completed. I believe that we all are writing a little sentence day by day. I want to take a part in this storytelling and i think EYE could be the perfect blank sheet to express ourselves.

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